How To Be Single in 2017


Let’s be honest – being single is a double-edged sword.

Sometimes, it’s the best thing in the world. You get to flirt with anyone you want, you don’t have anyone to check in with before making plans with friends, and there are no arguments about what to put on Netflix or who needs to shower first. There’s no obligation to actually share that share pack of Cadbury’s Nibbles* and when it’s time for bed, you can starfish like your life depends on it and there’s no one to commandeer the covers in the middle of the night. Being single is fantastic. 

But other times, it can feel like torture. You’re left to huddle up alone when all you want is a snuggle, and seeing other couples being cutesy on public transport makes you want to vomit into your stylish yet functional backpack. You imagine falling wildly in love with the bartender that made eye contact with you three whole times, but it turns out they were just looking at the clock on the wall behind you. Even though you have friends and family that love you, you’re lonely, and being single sucks. 

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How to Prepare for Graduation

In case you couldn’t tell from the obnoxious influx of photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and in yesterday’s post, I graduated from The University of Nottingham this week. Everything I’ve worked toward for the past three years finally culminated in a ceremony on a lovely, sunny Monday morning.

I assume you’re all about to lavish me with praise and adoration, so thanks in advance ❤️

Graduation comes with a lot of things to think about, and tbh it can be quite stressful, so here’s my guide to it:


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You Shall Go to the (Grad) Ball

What’s more important – graduation, or Grad Ball?

Okay fine, graduating is probably slightly more important than getting dressed to the nines and drinking all day, but Grad Ball is a rite of passage. It symbolises the end of your university career. It’s a way to celebrate your hard work and, in some cases, it’s your last chance to party like it’s Freshers Week with your uni pals.

Planning for Grad Ball is fun, for sure, but you can’t just throw on any old dress and rock up unannounced, so here is my guide to gettin ready:

2016-06-11 00.40.39

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How to Get an Internship in 4 Steps

This week, I’ve been living it up in London. While it’s been great to catch up with some LDN-based buddies and to rattle around on the tube, that’s not the reason I went. I was in the Big Smoke because I was invited to undergo an internship at The Guardian. Exciting, right?

Internships are a phenomenal way to boost both your CV and your skills and experience. It means that when the time comes for you to get a real life proper job (gulp), you’ll already know some of the tricks of the trade.

There are some downsides to having an internship (such as working for free) but ultimately, they’re good for you, and I’m here to tell you how to get one.


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The Uni Life Is Dead – Long Live the Uni Life!

When people talk about the ‘University Bubble’, they’re not exaggerating. Being immersed in uni life isn’t a bad thing at all, but when your time is up and that bubble pops, shit starts getting pretty real pretty fast.

Two weeks ago I handed in my final piece of coursework, and I was left with a single thought.

What happens now?

I’ve spent three years working toward a degree, but at no point during that time have I thought about what I was going to do when I had it. Now all of a sudden I’m not allowed to get cheap cinema tickets and discounted clothes in New Look. What?!

So what do we actually do when we finish univeristy?

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