A Treat for Two | Hallmark Hotel & Spa

How many times have you and your gals spammed your squad chat with plans for a spa day? If you’re anything like me, it’s probs a lot, and if you’re a little bit more like me, you’ve probs never managed to actually get yourself on one.

Maybe it’s because going for a spa day sounds way indulgent, or because trying to organise your best gals to be free on the same day, at the same time, and find a place that offers a sick deal on facials and massages, sounds more like an impossible mission than whatever it is that Tom Cruise has been doing for the last four films. Whatever it is, I reached the ripe old age of 22 before I finally booked in for my first ever trip to the spa.

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Exploring Hull

As another new year dawned upon us, I was sat on the sofa of my childhood home in Hull. (Well, actually, I was drunk and dancing happily to cheesy 90s pop in a nightclub when the New Year actually dawned, but let’s not be pedantic.) I was wrapped up in a blanket because my dad gets weirdly arsey if we put the electric fire on, and I was bored out of my mind.

This is a common occurrence for me. Every time I leave Nottingham to visit Hull, I complain about being bored. When Hull was named City of Culture 2017, and then listed as #8 out of 10 places to visit in the world by Rough Guides at the start of the year, I didn’t quite know what to believe. Hull? Being advertised as a place people wanted to visit? Nah.


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