Walking the Plank in Seminyak

Last week I posted about the insanely fun hen party thrown for my sister in Seminyak, the party centre of Bali. In that post, I told you to keep your eyes peeled for more Bali-licious posts coming your way, and well, here’s another one.

My big sis wasn’t the only bride-to-be on our luxurious week in the Balinese sun – which meant that the black and gold I was rocking for one night wasn’t the only fancy dress present. The fancy dress requirement was my absolute dream because if you don’t already know, I bloody love fancy dress. In the past I’ve rocked Belle, Captain America, Alice in Wonderland, and Gretchen Weiners, to name just a few, and I was pumped to discover the theme of this Hen’s day was sailor themed. 

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Happy Hens, with love from Bali XO

I’ve been living in Australia for a good couple of weeks now, and it’s been pretty damn sweet. The sun has been shining, I get to snuggle up to two adorable doggos every night, and it turns out that my sister is quite the accomplished chef.

But before I landed Down Under, I spent a glorious few days in the Just Above Down Under, also known as Bali. Wait, what do you mean Bali isn’t commonly known as the Just Above Down Under? Oh, whatever.

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